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Finalists have been announced for the 2019 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards (PIDA) which has been designed to recognise companies and individuals who are making a significant difference in their field across Australia and New Zealand.

The PIDA Awards are coordinated by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and Packaging New Zealand and are the exclusive feeder program for the prestigious WorldStar Packaging Awards. The 2019 PIDA winners will automatically be eligible for entry into the 2020 WorldStar Packaging Awards competition.

The Design Innovation of the Year company awards will recognise organisations that have designed innovative packaging within each of these five manufacturing categories:






In the sector categories, judges said they looked for entries that displayed innovative – design and thinking, technology and/or material use; benefit to consumers; functional and /or convenient elements. They also took into account design and cost elements between standard packaging and premium/promotional packaging. It is recommended that the submissions showcase an innovative solution designed either in collaboration for an existing customer or market.

2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Beverage Category

The Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Beverage Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and/or materials, within packaging and processing for liquid or dry tea, coffee, water and soft drinks including wine, beer and spirits. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards category.

2019 Finalists are: PACT Group for the New Zealand brand Lewis Road Creamery PCR 100% recycled PET milk bottle range, Moonuka Milk Limited for the world’s first Milk and Mānuka Honey beverage designed in New Zealand in an old-fashioned Aseptic PET milk bottle with a removable PET shrink sleeve, Stay tray for their reusable drink tray that is designed with 100% recycled material sourced from Australian businesses to reduce single use and Shine Drink for their custom tall and thin 400ml bottle while conjuring thoughts of health and wellbeing through bottle shape and the shrink sleeve label design.

2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Food Category

The Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Food Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and/or materials, within food packaging and processing including fresh, frozen or other. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards category.

Finalists are: Danone ELN NZ Supply Point for their sachet multipack for Aptamil and Karicare Infant Formula ranges, OJI Fibre Solutions for RJ’s Licorice open top & open front SFP that was designed to handle export from NZ to AUS as well as stacking from pallet displays straight into supermarkets, Don KRC, a Division of George Weston Foods, for their Just Add Don convenient stand-up pouch, Punchbowl Packaging for the Kaituna Blueberries peel-able, re-sealable, tamper-proof top seal fibre punnets, OJI Fibre Solutions for Turks Poultry Farm to hold 6kg of chicken in a hand-erected case and designed to be interchangeable with the 12kg cases to fit in mixed pallets, OF Packaging for the Pacific West baking pouch which is entirely oven-safe and houses the seafood product.

2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Health, Beauty & Wellness

The Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Health, Beauty & Wellness Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and/or materials, within cosmetics, toiletries, personal hygiene, supplements, vitamins, perfumes, hair body and oral care. This award also covers packaging of all medicines including over the counter medicines, medical equipment packaging. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards category.

2019 Finalists are: OJI Fibre Solutions for EcoStore gift packs that hold product in place in smaller, lighter, eco-friendly 100% recyclable and compostable boxes, Retreatment Botanics skincare range which is inspired by Gaia Retreat & Spa owner Olivia Newton-John who wanted to see a fully-sustainable skincare range in terms of ingredients, primary and secondary packaging, Impact International for the Sarah, Craig and Margorie 100% recycled PE and sugar cane PE tubes and PACT Group for the New Zealand’s Mix Ltd Essano rPET shampoo range.

2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Domestic & Household

The Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Domestic & Household Category recognises organisations that have designed innovative packaging and/or materials, packaging within domestic and household items, toys, stationary, gifts, clothing, garden equipment, decorating. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards category.

2019 Finalists are: Nulon Products Australia & Caps and Closures for the Nulon EZY-SQUEEZE fluid transfer system which replaces the traditional rigid packaging with a flexible pouch and applicator that has made accessing hard-to-reach fill points on a car quick and easy, OJI Fibre Solutions for Dynex Extrusion case that is sold into hardware stores in New Zealand but is also ready-to-go once a customer/builder takes it home to use, OF Packaging for the Kookaburra Worm Farms Flat Bottom Bag with Perforated Side Gussets.

2019 Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Labelling & Decoration

The Packaging Innovation & Design of the Year Award – Labelling & Decoration Category is designed to recognise the addition of content to a pack which creates a unique or innovative appearance, function or communication. This may include labels, sleeves, tags, coding/markings, etching, directly applied inks or by any other similar process. This is a WorldStar Packaging Award Category.

2019 Finalists are: Currie Group for their new transformational printing technology for packaging that showcases high-end printing, finishing, coding, marking and AR technology driving awareness to The Australian Rhino Project (TARP) and Metalprint Australia for Chobani Australia Spooky Vanilla Ghost Pouch.

There are three special awards available:




2019 Sustainable Packaging Design Special Award

The Sustainable Packaging Design Special Award is designed to recognise companies that have developed innovative packaging or processing solutions that incorporates sustainability considerations. Elements would include Social, Material, Source Reduction, Energy and Recovery. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards Category.

2019 Finalists are: Detpak for the RecycleME system that provides a sustainable solution for takeaway cups, PACT Group for the New Zealand’s Mix Ltd Essano rPET shampoo range, Impact International for the Sarah, Craig and Margorie 100% recycled PE and sugar cane PE tubes, Punchbowl Packaging for the Kaituna Blueberries peel-able, re-sealable, tamper-proof top seal fibre punnets, Ranpack for their thermal paper packaging solution, PACT Group for the New Zealand brand Lewis Road Creamery PCR 100% recycled PET milk bottle range, Multivac & Greenham for Cape Grim Beef Paperboard Skin Packaging, Plantic Technologies for the NEAT Meat Tray using PLANTIC RV for skin packaging, Storopack Australia for their PAPERPlus Classic Grass Paper Packaging and Woolworths for replacing plastic trays with pulp based trays nationally into all stores for over 50 of their in-store bakery products.

2019 Save Food Packaging Design Special Award

The Save Food Packaging Design Special Award is designed to recognise companies that have developed innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that minimises food losses and food waste. This is a WorldStar Packaging Awards category.

2019 Finalists are:

Hazeldene’s Chicken Farm & Sealed Air for Cryovac Darfresh on Tray vacuum skin technology that has been engineered to address food safety, 25% extension of shelf life over the previously used Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) format, improved on-pack communication.

Plantic Technologies for the Plantic RV Material that was designed for Moana seafood company to be able to supply fresh fish to the on-line meal delivery company ‘My Food Bag’.

Flavour Creations for their pre-thickened Ready-To-Drink (RTD’s). When the RTD’s are packaged in the new Dysphagia Cup and cup holder they are designed to reduce food wastage by enabling better motor control of the drinking process, improving grip, stability and ensuring the ability to consume the full contents.

2019 Accessible Packaging Design Special Award

The Accessible Packaging Design Special Award is designed to recognise packaging that is accessible, intuitive, easy-to-open and innovative. Accessible packaging design needs to include measuring techniques, understanding injuries caused by packaging and consumer satisfaction levels with packaging accessibility.

2019 Finalists are:

SPC Ardmona for their SPC ProVital Easy-Open Diced Fruit in Jelly range that is designed for all consumers to open, including those with reduced fine motor skills, dexterity and strength and on-pack communication is clear, crisp and legible for all.

Flavour Creations for their pre-thickened Ready-to-drink (RTD) packaged in the new Dysphagia Cup and cup holder designed to specifically increase rates of hydration and decrease rates of malnutrition for residents/patients with Dysphagia.

Moana New Zealand & Sealed Air (New Zealand) for Cryovac Grip and Tear (including ‘small tab’) was designed to foster ease of use to packaged meat, poultry, seafood products for processors, food service and retail markets.

Campbell Arnott’s for their redesign of 10 SKUs from their catering (portion control packaging) range.

In addition, there are three awards designed for people who have made specific contributions to the packaging industry. These Individual Awards will include:




2019 Industry Packaging Professional of the Year Award

The Industry Packaging Professional of the Year Award is designed to recognise and acknowledge the outstanding achievements and contribution by an individual currently working within the Packaging and Processing industries. The judges are looking for individuals who have demonstrated vision and leadership, shows innovation and not afraid to take risks. For significant and continued contribution of an Individual to the packaging and Processing industry over a minimum period of 25 years.

2019 Finalists are: Terry Waterson FAIP, Director, Metalprint Australia, Elizabeth Kasell, Chief Executive Officer, RED Group and Joseph Foster MAIP, Co-Founder & Director, OF Packaging.

2019 Packaging New Zealand Scholarship

The Packaging New Zealand Scholarship is seeking a Packaging professional that is looking to further their education by offering them a scholarship to enrol in the Diploma in Packaging Technology.

2019 Finalists are: Poonam Patel, Senior Packaging Technologist, Goodman Fielder, Tunde Lovestyan, Sales & Business Development Manager, Punchbowl Packaging and Saurabh Mishra and Packaging Development Technologist, Griffins Foods Limited.

2019 Young Packaging Professional of the Year Award

The purpose of the Young Packaging Professional of the Year Award is to provide incentive and recognition to young professionals who are both currently working in and wish to continue their career path within the Packaging & Processing industry.

2019 Finalists are: Lily Barnett, Program Coordinator, APCO, Clement Jamet, Packaging Development Technologist, Danone ELN, and Karunia Adhiputra AAIP, Packaging Technologist – Technical & Production, Nestle Australia.

Coordinated by the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), and Packaging New Zealand the 2019 Australasian PIDA winners will be announced at a gala dinner on the 30th of April at SOFITEL Wentworth, Sydney, NSW, Australia.


EQM Industrial

0800 147 847
06 878 8475

When it comes to moving and packing fruit and produce EQM has you packed, sealed and delivered.

EQM is a full service packing solutions business. We have the know how to create efficient and high performing packing systems using quality equipment such as conveyors, rotary tables, gearboxes and motors.


518 Omahu Road
Hastings 4120
New Zealand

Pacrite Industries Ltd


We are a NZ owner operated business of over 30+ years, supplying customised flexible packaging solutions to a wide range of industries. From start ups to multi-nationals, we have solutions to fit almost any brief. We offer full consultation and have a genuine interest and passion for the presentation and delivery of your products to market, guiding clients through each step of the way.
We offer full inventory management services, 3PL throughout NZ and Australia, technical advice and a wide range of flexible packaging solutions – pouches, films, spout pouches, wholesale packaging, liners, dairy packaging, meat packaging, produce and agricultural solutions, pet food products… and more!
We encourage anyone looking to develop a new product or seeking a more creative and supportive supplier to give us a call to discuss in confidence.

General Manager
Victoria DIckinson
Sales/Marketing Manager
James Kesha
Marketing Contact
Victoria Dickinson
General Manager
Victoria Dickinson

220 Bush Road
Auckland 0632
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 303509
North Harbour
Auckland 0751
New Zealand


09 951 9685
0211 901 231

Food manufacturers searching for industry-leading dosing/weighing, packaging, product inspection, palletising and robotics automation systems need look no further than the Diverseco group of companies.

Through Diverseco, you can source complete packaging line expertise and equipment from several of the world’s leading manufacturers within the one company.

From manually operated, single head bagging machines to fully automated, packaging and inspection lines that can package hundreds of items per minute, we possess the expertise, industry understandings and high quality equipment to meet and exceed your requirements.

General Manager – New Zealand
Kevin Auburn

6 Clayton Street
Auckland 1023
New Zealand

Cooltek Ltd

Trading as: A Division of Machinetech Ltd

Importers of Cooling Towers, Water Chillers, cooling and control equipment, Plastics processing machinery including loading, blending, drying, mixing, conveyors, and robots. injection and blow moulding, and extrusion machinery.
Technical support and a back up of spare parts made possible by volume and commitment to looking after our customers long term. With continued supply of strong brands for more than 20 years with a good reputation. Large stock holdings and spare parts held in our Penrose warehouse.
We are here to help.

General Manager
Phillip Cashmore
Sales/Marketing Manager
Brendon Hing
Marketing Contact
Phillip Cashmore

112a Mays Raod
Auckland 1061
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 12899
Auckland 1642
New Zealand

Wine and Beverage Systems Ltd


Wine and Beverage Systems Ltd
Importers & Suppliers of Wine Processing Equipment.
World Leading Exclusive European Agencies with Unique Patents including
Wine Pressing & Grape Handling (DIEMME ENOLOGIA), Filtration, Clarification, Wine, Brewing & Juice Processing (TMCI PADOVAN). Bottling / Filling, Wine, Beer, Oil, Spirits & liqueurs, Juices, Hot Filling (ALFATEK). Self Adhesive Labelling (CAVAGNINO & GATTI ). Labelling & Capsuling (ENOS EURO) . Capping Heads ( TECNOMAX). Washing/Drying (CAMES). Capping (ENOLMECCANICA). Filling, Honey & Spreads (TECONALIMENTARE). Filling & capping (Officine Pesce).
Processing & Handling equipment, pumps & Heat Exchangers (ENOVENETA). Depalletizing, Palletizing & Packaging (OMA).
100 Years (combined) Experience & Knowledge, 100 % Kiwi Owned.
After Sales Service & Support.
Extensive Spare Parts Department

No oxygen pickup/heating of product, Gentle Efficient Processing resulting in Superior Quality of your end product.

General Manager
Allister Missen
Sales/Marketing Manager
Allister Missen
Marketing Contact
Raffaele Bandoli
Executive Assistant
Libby Pasley

1/124 Tahunanui Drive
Nelson 7011
New Zealand

Auckland Branch
Branch Location


Dave Betts, Sales
021 967 074

Fine Food New Zealand

09 555 1141

New Zealand’s leading biennial foodservice, food retail and hospitality trade event. Discover the latest equipment, learn about industry trends, meet vital new contacts, and network with your peers. Fine Food New Zealand gathers over 300 of the best companies in the business and over 8,000 visitors across at ASB Showgrounds, 21 – 23 June 2020.


ASB Showgrounds, 217 Green Lane West
Auckland 1051
New Zealand

NZ Controls Ltd

Trading as: NZ Controls Ltd
09 573 0024
021 758 412

Full turnkey or bespoke electrical and automation systems integrators. Our team of 20+ engineers have broad experience with all major automation brands and across many industries. We enjoy working with our customer to deliver world class systems.

Services include: Machine/Process Safety Risk Assessments, Design & Delivery. Process Automation & Control. Materials Handling & Batching Controls. Functional Design. Electrical Engineering & Design. Project Management and Delivery. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Overall Equipment Effectiveness Systems (OEE). RFID, Barcodes, Track & Trace systems. Production & Compliance Reporting. Electrical Panels and Install. Process Commissioning. PLC, HMI, SCADA, Industrial Networks. Production & Materials Handling Robotics. Industrial Cyber Security.

General Manager
Brett Bartlett
Sales/Marketing Manager
Nikk King
Marketing Contact
Nikk King
Director | Business Development
Nikk King

89 Carbine Rd
Mt Wellington
Auckland 1060
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 112356
Auckland 1642
New Zealand

Eriez Magnetics Pty Ltd

Trading as: Eriez Magnetics Pty Ltd
61 3 8401 7400
61 3 8401 4512

Eriez is a leading provider of food processing equipment to Australia and surrounding countries. Eriez’ range of metal detectors, magnetic separators and vibratory feeders, screeners and conveyors are designed for the specific needs of the food manufacturing industry. Products range from Xtreme Metal Detection systems and the RE7 Tube Circuit to the ProGrade line of magnetic separators which includes highly effective plates, grates, traps and tubes. Eriez metal detectors can be combined with the strongest Rare Earth magnets to provide superior protection against both ferrous, non-ferrous and work-hardened stainless steel. Eriez also offers audit, inspection and testing of equipment to ensure customers are compliant with the HACCP International Food Safety Standards. Eriez provides an extensive range of innovative equipment to protect product purity, from the moment ingredients enter your plant to the time the end product is shipped. Eriez is recognized as world authority in separation technology.

General Manager
James Cooke
Sales Engineer: Southern Region
Jonathan Schulberg

21 Shirley Way
Victoria 3076

Techspan Industrial Printing Systems Limited

0800 603 603
09 827 6567
09 827 6596

Techspan Industrial Printing Systems supply a comprehensive range of Thermal Print Media; including: Hot & Cold Stamping Foils,  Make Readies – TSC Thermal Transfer & Thermal Direct Label Barcode printers, and a range of label printer spares, print heads & associated accessories.Techspan is not limited to house brands, and has a large range of foil products to suit most applications, and can offer options from many different manufacturers.
Techspan manufactures an extensive range of Thermal Transfer ribbons ( TTR ), in all grades, for all label and barcode printers, in all configurations – including: Near-Edge, Wax, Wax/Resin, Full Resin. High quality high performance thermal ribbons for barcode & label printers, thermal coders, signage, graphics and, data ribbons.
We convert all Foils & Ribbons in-house using precision high speed slitting machinery. We can ‘slit’ and package to specific customer size requirements. Our TTR products can also carry your ‘private branding’.Visit our web portal

General Manager
Dave Fastnedge
Sales/Marketing Manager
Tim Fastnedge
Marketing Contact
Tim Fastnedge
Finance Director
Jon Fastnedge

1 Portage Road
New Lynn
Auckland 0600
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 15262
New Lynn
Auckland 0640
New Zealand

Sydney Branch
Branch Location


1800 148 791
Branch Postal Address
PO Box 1012
Sydney NSW 1460
Brisbane Branch
Branch Location


1800 148 791
Branch Postal Address
PO Box 5287
Kenmore East
Brisbane QLD 4069

Pharma Pac Limited

Trading as: Pharmapac
+64 9 444 9631
+64 21 506 111
+64 9 443 1992

Pharmapac is a New Zealand owned company with more than 30 years in the business of designing, manufacturing and producing plastic packaging solutions for not only local, but an ever growing list of international clients.

Our considerable experience in the areas of pharmaceutical, medical, nutritional and personal care packaging, has seen continued growth and expansion of our plant’s capabilities, including superior quality injection, injection stretch blow molding and extrusion blow molding.

General Manager
Brett Hopwood
Sales/Marketing Manager
Mike Jones
Marketing Contact
Ally Hopwood
GM / Director
Brett Hopwood

125 Sunnybrae Road
Auckland 0627
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 101 043
North Shore
Auckland 0745
New Zealand

NDA Group

07 849 2979
07 849 2971

As a member of the NDA Group we specialize in supplying process & packing equipment, installation, to the Dairy, Food & Beverage, industries.
NDA Site Services Goals & Strategy Build & foster relationships with our customers and cement our position as their preferred service provider. Develop & maintain highly skilled & experienced teams nationwide to deliver installation services of the highest standards. Absolute customer satisfaction by going the extra mile adding value to our customers business through a safety conscious, pragmatic & solution focused approach to projects.
NDA Site Services Capability Fabricated equipment supply, installation & commissioning, Onsite fabrication mechanical installation, maintenance & service contracts, Plant upgrades & modifications, Pipe spooling. Equipment sales, installation, commissioning, servicing & spare parts.
More than 50 full time trade & support staff, with a regular highly skilled contractor pool available as required
Health & Safety Our Site Specific Safety Plan (SSSP)is a safety plan that is applied to the work practises of our staff & contractors when working on your site.
Over 120 years successfully serving our customers… why not give us a call.

Emily Geddes

709 Te Rapa Road

Hamilton 3200
New Zealand

Postal Address

Private Bag 3018
Waikato Mail Centre
Hamilton 3240

Hawera Branch
Branch Location
28 Grey Street
New Zealand
06 278 1280
06 278 1279

Timaru Branch
Branch Location
30-36 Treneglos Street, Washdyke
New Zealand
03 688 2105
03 688 2106

Invercargill Branch
Branch Location
32 Spey Street
New Zealand
03 214 4817
03 218 3354

HRS Heat Exchangers

Trading as: HRS Process Solutions
09 889 6045
+61 3 9489 1866

HRS Process Solutions operates at the forefront of thermal processing technology, offering innovative and effective heat transfer solutions worldwide across a diverse range of industries.
Operating for more than 37 years in the food and beverage sector and with vast experience in liquid process heat transfer, we specialise in the design and manufacture of an extensive range of corrugated tube and scraped surface heat exchangers with solutions available for all varieties of food and beverage applications.
HRS is also a food systems specialist, offering thermal processing solutions such as Pasteurisers/Sterilisers, Concentrators and Aseptic Fillers. We can provide turn-key solutions for the small operator, or full processing lines for larger producers as required.
HRS offers supplementary liquid processing solutions including hygienic Piston Pumps and bag in box/bag in drum Aseptic Fillers. All equipment supplied is conforming to 3A, FDA and EHEDG standards. Recently we have extended our range to include Ohmic heating, and soon will be adding microwave heating to complement our array of high quality heat transfer solutions – further increasing our capability to design, manufacture, deliver, and commission state of the art food systems worldwide.
HRS has a global network of offices: Australia/NZ, Europe, UK, USA, Malaysia, and India; with manufacturing plants in Europe, UK and India.

General Manager
Chris Little
Sales/Marketing Manager
Sulio Mustedanagic

8/168 Christmas Street
Melbourne 3078

Postal Address

PO Box 1290
Fitzroy North
Melbourne 3068

Rapid Labels Ltd

0800 865 223
09 414 1700
0274 980421

Our thing is being fast–to quote, to proof, to deliver. We specialize in six sectors including FMCG, Wine, Honey, and Thermal. We’re equipped to do anything from a simple carton label to a highly decorated wine label, in any run size. We’re thermal printer & ribbon experts too.


3 Armstrong Road
Auckland 0632
New Zealand

Selpak Automation

Trading as: Selpak
+64 9 263 6113
+64 272 001 727

Selpak is amongst the largest agents of premium packaging and processing equipment in New Zealand & Australia, distributing to industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, confectionary and cosmetics. A leader in the industry for over forty years, Selpak supplies equipment that establishes the highest benchmarks in quality and innovation.

General Manager
Shane Sipthorp
Marketing Contact
Marcus Lee
Product Manager
Andrew Talaimanu

Unit C11, 710 Great South Rd
Auckland 2104
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 97352
Manukau City Mail Centre
Auckland 2241
New Zealand

SPM NZ Limited

09 426 0019
021 839 696

Our company specializes in importing and selling Food Packaging machinery and Food Processing machinery. We are the sole NZ agents for the following well known and proven companies. ULMA Packaging. TREIF Slicers, Dicer and Portion cutters. BOSS Vacuum Packers. LEONHARDT Portioning machines. LUTETIA Curing and cooking equipment.


20C Peters Way
Auckland 0932
New Zealand

Contour International

07 543 4963

Contour International provides food packaging solutions from; packaging equipment to customised consumables.
We work with you to tailor packaging solutions that increase the reliability, quality and productivity of your food packaging business, supported by 15 years of industry-leading service and expertise.
A sample of our machinery and consumable product range includes:
· Tray packaging solutions including trays and lidding film
· Vacuum packaging solutions
· Sous-vide cooking methods
· Packaging systems for pre-made pouches
· Thermoforming systems
· Weighing and filling
· Vertical form, fill and seal solutions
· Consumables – printed and plain
· Service and Maintenance of your packaging systems
To our clients, we are dedicated to building long lasting relationships, always striving to perform to the best of our ability with ongoing, and on-site technical support. Making sure that all of your packaging solutions are running at peak productivity.

Sales Engineers
Greg Morren / John Smith

48 Whiore Ave
Tauranga 3110
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 15012

Tauranga 3144
New Zealand

Regal Packaging Ltd

021 677 577

Proudly NZ owned and operated – since 1997. Regal supply the most economic – maintenance free – THERMAL INKJET coding printers and cartridges on the market. We offer an exclusive range of porous and non porous inks to cater to most applications. Our polymer thermal inkjet inks are unique as they contain polymer resins – meaning they are hard to rub and scratch off plastic, glass and most metals. NEW inks include visible and invisible edible inks for direct fruit application, and invisible for anti-counterfeit applications. We are the exclusive NZ agents for Digital Ink Technologies and represent ANSER-U2.

Managing Director
Barney Reid

1st Floor, 19D Triton Drive
Auckland 0632
New Zealand


+64 7 850 2584
+64 21 145 3237
+64 7 849 6013

MilkTestNZ is a world leading milk testing laboratory using highly automated processes and advanced technology. A range of microbiology, composition, analytical and specialty tests are available. More recently, MilkTestNZ has expanded its capability to include residue testing in both milk and milk products. MilkTestNZ provides a high quality service with rapid turnaround times at cost effective prices to our customers in New Zealand and internationally.
CEO – Udit Singh
Technical Manager – Jacob Babu
Business Development and Customer Service Manager – Kavitha Babu
Customer Service Liaison Officer – Hannah Polglase

Sales/Marketing Manager
Kavitha Babu

1344 Te Rapa Road
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 10208

Hamilton 3241
New Zealand

Conveyor & Transmission Limited

09 274 3500
09 274 3501

Conveyor & Transmission an independent NZ owned and operated company with a comprehensive stock range of conveyor belting and associated products. Synthetic PVC & PU, homogenous, plastic modular and teflon belting and on site servicing. C&T specialize in the food processing industry and have extensive product knowledge to ensure customer satisfaction.

General Manager
Steve Biddulph
Marketing Contact
Steve Biddulpjh
General Manager
Steve Biddulph

68a Greenmount Drive
East tamaki
Auckland 2013
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO BOX 10340
Te Rapa
Hamilton 3241
New Zealand