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Increasing automation in the food processing industry has helped maintain quality. NZ Food Technology News features the latest food processing trends, equipment, machinery and manufacturing processes. There’s a particular emphasis on food processing in the meat, poultry, seafood and dairy industries, as there’s a need for safe and speedy production.

Processing The new Wyma Vege-Polisher is a big hit.

The new Wyma Vege-Polisher is a big hit. The new Wyma Vege-Polisher™ was made available to growers in New Zealand and Australia early last month during a launch at their head office and manufacturing facility in Hornby, Christchurch. Continue →
Processing Product contamination – no-one is immune, so are you prepared?

Product contamination – no-one is immune, so are you prepared? Last year’s food safety scare in the New Zealand dairy industry illustrated how one single product contamination threat could spiral into a serious international event with the potential to destabilise an industry, its trading partners, the export markets and even the country as a whole. Continue →

A strong interest in protein content and high-protein products across the food and drinks market is continuing to develop, despite the fact that most European and North American consumers already get enough protein in their diets. Continue →

By Natasha Telles D’Costa, research manager, New Zealand GIC, Frost & Sullivan Centuries ago Hippocrates once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” and this is well-emulated in the health and wellness trend in the current global food market where considerable importance is placed upon healthy, high value nutritious foods. Continue →
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