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PT Associates Pty Ltd


PT ASSOCIATES has over 46 years grown by offering the food and dairy industry quality processing equipment and services.
The product line includes (but is not limited to):
Cheese Shredding Systems, Cheese Portion Cutting Machines, Ultrasonic Cutting Systems, Cheese Slice Accumulation Lines, Sanitary Dust Collection, Blending & Mixing Equipment.
Chilling & Freezing Systems including Spiral and IQF Tunnels with Industrial Refrigeration Packages.
Washing / Sanitizing Solutions including Rack & Crate Washers, Scale Weigh Pan Washers, Utensil Cabinet Washers, Buggy and Bin Washers, Sanitisers and Pallet Washers.
Vacuum Transfer Solutions including Bulk Handling & Rip – Tip Stations Systems.
We also provide a consultancy, plant review and in plant training.
The company is driven by innovation, quality and customer service.
NZ Representative for Marchant Schmidt Inc, IWM UK, Volkmann GmbH, FPS Inc.

Paul Turnbull

31 Thompsons Road,

Broughton Village 2534

Postal Address

PO Box 168


Caliber Design

09 379 7357
021 140 4944

Caliber Design is a consultancy that provides project-based mechanical design engineering services. Our team of 30+ highly skilled and experienced engineers are based in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and Christchurch. Our engineers work on-site with clients on a project-by-project basis, this means our clients can upsize their team with the exact skills they need, when they need them.

Much of our work is in the food technology industry. Our experience includes heating and cooling systems, multiple lane conveyors, palletisers, up lifters, process and packing lines, freezers, refrigeration, and production equipment for the meat processing industry, and more.

We design for safety, hygiene, assembly, reliability, serviceability, and longevity, while minimising costs. Our engineers are experienced in all aspects of the design process, from scoping through to parts procurement, manufacturing, installation, and commissioning.
Shortage of resources? Looming deadline? Skill gap that needs to be filled? Caliber Design has talented engineers that can help.

General Manager
Wayne Le Sueur
Marketing Contact
Mel Opie

597 Rosebank Road
Auckland 1026
New Zealand

Postal Address

PO Box 71084
Auckland 1348
New Zealand

Christchurch Branch
Branch Location
41C Birmingham Drive
New Zealand
Tim Greene, Christchurch Regional Manager
Branch Postal Address
PO Box 29488
Christchurch 8440
New Zealand
Hamilton Branch
Branch Location
Waikato Innovation Park First Floor Gallagher Core Facilities Building 1 Melody Lane
New Zealand
Tim Morgan, Waikato Regional Manager
07 949 8899
021 049 087
Branch Postal Address
Waikato Innovation Park First Floor Gallagher Core Facilities Building 1 Melody Lane
Hamilton 3216

NDA Group

07 849 2979
07 849 2971

NDA Group are New Zealand’s leading Engineering / Fabrication, Site Installation & Maintenance and Equipment providers for the dairy, wine, water, industrial and food processing industries.
NDA Equipment is an agent for several international ranges of process and packing equipment plus providing engineering equipment including tube cutting and weld preparation.
We have permanent assembly, installation and maintenance services in Hamilton, Rolleston, Hawera and Timaru plus other NDA divisions in Blenheim and Invercargill.
For you this means that, wherever you are in New Zealand, there will be a convenient option for you.
We’ll work with you throughout your equipment’s lifespan – from ordering and installing to maintenance, spare parts management and replacement. We’ll know your equipment inside and out and will be able to give you the best possible advice.
Talk to our Equipment team today and find out more about what NDA Group can provide for you.

Hafiz Rahim

709 Te Rapa Road

Hamilton 3200
New Zealand

Postal Address

Private Bag 3018
Waikato Mail Centre
Hamilton 3240

Hawera Branch
Branch Location
2B Fitzgerald Lane
New Zealand
06 278 1280
06 278 1279

Timaru Branch
Branch Location
30-36 Treneglos Street, Washdyke
New Zealand
03 688 2105
03 688 2106

Invercargill Branch
Branch Location
32 Spey Street
New Zealand
03 214 4817
03 218 3354

Rolleston Branch
Branch Location
278 Link Drive
New Zealand