COVID-19 has really placed the focus on the importance of hand hygiene. In the food and beverage processing sector, hand hygiene has always been one of the top priorities of food industry quality or production professionals.

There is a great deal of documented studies and papers in relation to best practice methods for cleaning hands. This has not really changed for many years. Clean hands have always relied on people taking appropriate care and time, to ensure a compliant outcome.

Relying on all team members in a food production facility to clean their hands to the same consistent and high standard is difficult to achieve. In reality, some will wash for different lengths of time, use different amounts of soap and more or less hot water. Also, there is great variation in how they use mechanical action (scrub) to clean things like creases, nails, and other parts of the hands. Additionally, inconsistent handwashing practices have also led us to an overreliance on alcohol-based hand sanitisers as a second line of defense.

Meritech USA has developed and specialise in automated handwashing systems that have taken the subjective nature out of washing hands, with its range of Cleantech Automated Handwashing Stations. This technology revolutionises hand washing, reducing the time it takes, uses up to 70% less water, with compliance tracking, and ensures 100% consistent wash outcomes, with 99.9% of harmful pathogens removed, including COVID-19. The Cleantech handwash stations are FDA accepted and fully validated. White papers on this are available.

Wells Hygiene in New Zealand and Australia have identified this need amongst food and beverage processing companies and have recently established a distribution partnership with Meritech USA for the NZ, AUS, and Pacific Islands regions. For further information in relation to these revolutionary systems contact Wells in New Zealand on +64 9263 9332, or email [email protected] or Australia on +61 3 9699 8999, or email [email protected] or visit the Wells website at www.wrdwells.com/handhygiene.