Tank cleaning head eliminates contamination


Tank cleaning head eliminates contamination

The Sanitor Tank Cleaner, available from Tecpro Australia is uniquely designed to provide the highest possible standard of hygiene and sanitation.

Specifically designed to comply with the highest standards of sanitation and hygiene, the Sanitor is constructed completely from 100 percent AISI 316 stainless steel. It features a streamlined external design to ensure no residue can build up and contaminate the wash. The Sanitor’s advanced design also eliminates the need for ball bearings. This greatly increases unit life while preventing the possibility of contamination associated with bearing degradation.

The Sanitor features a pressure regulation system which ensures constant, slow rotation at pressures ranging from 2 to 20 bar, with flow rates from 24L/min. This low, jet peripheral velocity, is optimised to maintain high impingement and allow longer chemical dwell times for improved cleaning efficiency.

The Sanitor is ideal for burst rinsing or prolonged washing with the precision slots in the rotating barrel producing strong impact fan jets that scrub the vessel in a 360º wash pattern. The wide operating pressure band makes the unit suitable for a variety of small to medium-sized vessels, including food and beverage storage tanks, transport containers and chemical reactors.

Lightweight and compact, the low wear design requires minimal maintenance. It has a 3/8”BSP connection and requires a minimum opening of 32mm for unit insertion. At a pressure of 10 bar, the Sanitor has a cleaning radius of 2.4m and wetting radius of 3.6m. It is suitable for working temperatures up to 95ºC and ambient temperatures of up to 140ºC.

The highly flexible and durable Sanitor is the perfect tank cleaning solution for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, coatings and transport industries, or wherever rigorous standards of hygiene and product purity are essential. The team at Tecpro will find the ideal tank washing solution for your needs and budget.