Whether its adding value to New Zealand’s fresh protein sectors like dairy, lamb, seafood and poultry, or empowering e-commerce platforms, Sealed Air is in business to protect, to address critical packaging challenges and to make the world better than we find it. For the team at Sealed Air, it is not just a vision, but a way of life.

Sealed Air’s track record at the Australasian Packaging Innovation and Design (PIDA) awards (and World Star Packaging Awards) are testament to Sealed Air’s commitment to packaging innovation, and its continued success in the ‘Packaging that Saves Food’ and ‘Sustainability’ categories demonstrates just how it approaches packaging design to help our food and e-commerce sectors prosper.

Passionate about helping customers grow, Brent Baird (ANZJK markets and channels manager for seafood, poultry, smallgoods and FMCG) says, “Designing to add value across these sectors starts by understanding your customer’s challenges across its supply chain. Packaging needs to add value to everyone who interacts with your packaging. As the industry faces compounding pressures around rising costs, food waste and sustainability, designed correctly, packaging will deliver measurable value across local and export supply chains. Packaging also needs to look good. Sealed Air’s continued success at New Zealand’s Pride in Print awards ensures Sealed Air New Zealand’s local manufacturing plants deliver packaging that adds value and the visual appeal sought by brands and consumers.”

At this year’s recent PIDA awards, Sealed Air together with Ingham’s New Zealand was awarded gold for the ‘Packaging that Saves Food’ category. This Cryovac brand packaging innovation (together with Ingham’s optimising processing procedures) gave rise to a shelf life increase of 40% for fresh, chilled poultry. In addition, the packaging compliments its Waitoa’s brand commitment to sustainability. This pack is recyclable, and it is made from a minimum of 80% recycled content.  Beyond delivering measurable sustainable value, its print reproduction was awarded category winner for Industry Development and Creativity at this year’s NZ Pride in Print awards. It also won gold for Product innovation and Environmental innovation.

Awarded silver for this year’s PIDA Sustainability category, Fill-Air 50% recycled content eco-friendly air pillows, is Sealed Air’s latest sustainable innovation adopted by e-commerce merchants across Australia and New Zealand. By reducing the need for virgin resin, this pillow allows brands to meet their sustainability goals and appeal to eco-conscious consumers. At 12.7 micron, Fill-Air 50% recycled content pillows are 36.5% thinner than typical void fill pillows which facilitates greater efficiencies, like less roll changes and better warehousing efficiency for merchant/end users. It also means more product per carton, which enables the reduction in the use of cartons/shippers.

“For innovation to deliver value across supply chains, you need to understand what challenges the customer is facing.  Solid partnerships, industry experience and global reach ensures Sealed Air’s innovations solve our industries packaging challenges and make our world better than we find it,” says Brent.