Food_Safety_instruments_overview_imageThe new Food Act means changes for your business. Eurotec, the New Zealand distributors of Testo Instrumentation, has seen a rush of new business from the hospitality and food industries wanting to benefit from Testo’s range of sophisticated, easy-to-use food safety technology and instruments that are efficient, time-saving and help businesses comply with the new Act.

 One of Testo’s biggest breakthroughs is Testo Saveris 2, which ensures the quality of food with simple and efficient monitoring and documentation of all refrigerated and heated foods. Continuous, accurate and efficient data monitoring has become a mainstream requirement, especially with the advent of the new Act. Testo’s range of monitoring/logging systems are designed to ensure all these needs are met to the utmost efficiency, allowing accurate measurements and access to data via a multitude of options.The HACCP International Approved Saveris 2 system enables users to log temperature and humidity levels easily, anytime and anywhere, without compromising security or time-consuming software. All you need is an internet connection, wireless LAN and Web browser.

The Testo Saveris 2 WiFi data loggers reliably record temperature and humidity at defined intervals, and transmit the measurement values directly by WiFi to the Testo Cloud. The measurement values stored in the Cloud can be evaluated using a Smartphone, tablet or PC. When limit value violations occur, users receive email and txt alerts to devices immediately.

As well as data logging instruments, Testo is the market leader in thermometers, PH testers and oil testers for food safety, which can be used across a variety of applications including restaurants and catering, food production, beverage, bread manufacturing, baking, supermarkets, fast food restaurants, confectionery, poultry, meat and seafood, logistics, warehousing and food auditing.

Testo food safety instruments are HACCP International certified and therefore guarantee the accurate measuring results needed for compliance with the relevant regulations. View the full range online at