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Visy Technology Systems

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Visy Technology Systems develops and distributes systems used across multiple industries for product identification and quality inspection applications.

A comprehensive product range is available and includes high performance inkjet printing systems made by Hitachi Japan , waste free liner less barcode labelling systems from HM Systems Denmark, CAB label printers from Germany and a range of economical cartridge based carton printers made by HSAjet in Denmark.

In addition, Visy offers Vision and Xray inspection equipment made by Filtec USA which are designed for bottle and can inspection, fill level checking and pressure leak detection.

Visy brings complete solutions together addressing all types of marking, coding, labelling and inspection applications and offers turn key engineering services to deliver high performance high quality outcomes.

General Manager
Steve Jowett
Sales/Marketing Manager
Dominic Ockerse
Marketing Contact
Steve Jowett
Sales Manager
Dominic Ockerse

235 Roscommon Rd
Auckland 2104
New Zealand