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Locker Group

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Locker Group offers a range of conveyor belts to suit any manufacturing operation, whether the belt passes through a furnace or freezer, in a straight line or around a tight curve. Local manufacturing combined with extensive market knowledge means in a breakdown situation Locker can assist.
Lockers conveyor belting includes woven wire, rolmat, spiral, plastic and plastic hybrid belts to suit any conveyor application. Use it to convey food, glass, metals and industrial products, through furnaces and ovens, any hot or cold environment.
Manufactured to any width or length, Locker metal belting withstands temperatures as cold as -250 degrees and a high as 1200 degrees.
Assembled in sections for easy maintenance, Locker belts can be custom designed for all drive needs and requirements.


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East Tamaki
New Zealand

Advanced Maintenance Ltd

Trading as: Spray Marks Engineering
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Spray Marks Engineering – Providing solutions and innovation for industrial problems is what our engineers do best. We manufacture, fabricate and provide industrial maintenance and engineering services. If you are relocating or upgrading your plant, talk to our engineers. Our teams thrive on challenges using a wide range of industrial maintenance experience in diverse production businesses to tailor-make engineering services and solutions that are right for your business. Our staff are qualified professionals who take pride in producing quality work safely. Whatever it is, we’ll get it done, make it go, get it moved and make it happen!

General Manager
Jody Leitch
Sales/Marketing Manager
Thomas Holtslag
Marketing Contact
Rebecca Lambert-Lane
Commercial Director
Rebecca Lambert-Lane

22 Dobson Street West

Ashburton 7700
New Zealand

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Heat and Control Ltd

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Heat and Control provide processing, product handling, inspection and packaging systems for all types of food products including snacks, French fries, convenience foods, meat, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables.

With over 65 year’s experience, and as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of food processing, seasoning, conveying, packaging and inspection equipment systems, we have the ability to develop new solutions for the food industry with a global support team covering all aspects of production, design, testing, engineering and manufacturing.

Sales Manager, New Zealand
Scott Burrows

Unit 1 / 32 Barmac Place
East Tamaki
New Zealand