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Food logistics take effect after the food or beverage has been processed. This includes warehousing, factory logistics, refrigeration, cool storage, handling transportation, export logistics and customs clearances for export.

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The first customer to take advantage of ADDE’s innovative ZFP solution is Baxter Laboratories, a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) licensed manufacturer based in Victoria. Continue →
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Founder and chief executive of Cafe X Technologies Henry Hu (San Francisco) answers questions on robotics in the food industry and predicts what the future might hold Q: What will the workforce look like 20 years from now? Continue →
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Lanfranchi of Italy has released a new Star-Block empty plastic bottle unscrambler solution and has been excited at their success – having sold more than 30 units worldwide which has led to the development of a new 800m² assembly plant that will be used exclusively for the production of these machines. Continue →
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