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Bakels Edible Oils

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Bakels Edible Oils NZ Ltd is a New Zealand based manufacturer and supplier of Fats and Oil based products servicing the Bakery, Foodservice, Industrial Food Processing, Dairy and Retail markets.

The Company is a member of the International Bakels Group, with over 30 Bakels companies operating globally.

Bakels Edible Oils is a 24/7 Oil Refining operation, employing in excess of 100 staff. Its main site is strategically located in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand’s largest port. It also has a smaller production facility located in Timaru in the South Island.

Sales Manager
Dave Rudd

5 Hutton Place

Mount Manganui 4117
New Zealand

Postal Address

P O Box 4117

Mount Maunganui South 3149
New Zealand